We will be on the Fade to Yellow show on KOOP Radio 91.7 in Austin and streaming live at koop.org.  Our dear friend, Tom Laird will be interviewing us, we will pick some great music to spin, and we will be debuting a new song from our live performance last night at the Whip In.  Tune in at 7 tonight!


November is going to be fun.

11.4 @ Beerland w/ Sunset Images (Mexico), Vorcha, Chipper Jones

11.8 @ the beloved Whip In with Brazilian Space Program

11.9 @ KOOP Fade to Yellow radio interview w/ Tom Laird

11.21 @ the Blackheart with Radar vs. Wolf, Mount Sherpa, Electric Folk

2 in 1

Busy week.  2 shows in 3 days.

Monday 9/29 @ Red 7 with Megafauna, Roz and the Rice Cakes, and Casual Strangers

Wednesday 10/1 @ Holy Mountain with Honey and Salt, Vorcha, and Scan Hopper

We would love to see you out at either/both shows!


Cool pics.  Taken and made pretty/weird by Brad Ferguson.



We are busy these next couple of months.  Red7, Holy Mountain, North Door, Blackheart…  As much as we love it here in Austin, we sure would like to take this thing on the road.  Maybe we should do that shortly after a studio session.  So, to the studio, then?


We hope all of you had a safe and happy 4th!  We have 2 shows coming up this month.  On, July 8th at Holy Mountain, we are playing with our good friends Muchos Backflips!, Bee vs. Moth, and Artificial Earth Machine.  There will be incredible sounds.  There will be visuals.

On July 18th, Fade to Yellow is presenting “MUSIC BENE-PIT!: An evening in support of LOVE-A-BULL” at the Spider House Ballroom.  We are playing with our friends Play By Numbers, Xander Harris, and Brazilian Space Program as well as visuals by Stephen Fishman of Total Unicorn fame.  100% of the proceeds go to fund Love-A-Bull and their mission.  Not.  To.  Be.  Missed!


We’ll see y’all around 9 tonight!  Such a stacked lineup.  Color and Form kicks of the night at 9, COSMS at 10, Seven Circles at 11, See You in the Morning at 12.  Ba Boom.

Next Austin Show

Our next show in Austin is with Skyacre/OMGWTFBBF/Bipolar Gentlemen.  At Hole in the Wall.  7/6.  Need I mention the proximity to East Side Kings?7/6