Q U I E T ?

We haven’t said much in a minute to the outside world, but boy we’ve been busy in the garage!  Our new EP “Vena” was tracked at MicroMega Studio in February and have 4 new ones cooking in various stages of completion.

C O L D S A K E will be the first one out the gates.   Come to the Pecan Street Festival and/or the AIM Fest Preliminaries to peek that one!

2 0 1 8 H E R E W E C O M E

A Free Week show at Hops and Grain on 1/5/2018 with our buds Violina, Primary Mystical Experience, and Brainwave/Night Visuals.

A SWPRC showcase with Interns, Trying Science, AM Feelgood, and Silhouette of Nude (Japan) on 1/18/2018.

We will record a new EP entitled “Vena” at MicroMega Recording Studio in early February.


A 3 v 3 Feedback Alliance/ Southwest Post-Rock Collective grudge match at the Lucky Lounge.  9/3/2016.  So happy to be involved in the first one.  Hopefully the first of many!

2 0 1 6

You might think us a wee quite as of late.  We have been making quite a bit of noise.  New noise.  There are 4 opportunities for you to hear that newness in January.  We are hitting the ground running in 2016 with 3 Free Week shows (so far), one of which is the release party for the Southwest Post-Rock Collective’s WAVEFORM.  We wrap up the month in support of touring bass-looping dude, CJ Boyd.

1.1.16 @ Swan Dive

1.4.16 @ Sidewinder

1.5.16 @ Scoot Inn – SWPRC’s WAVEFORM Compilation Release

1.31.16 @ Mohawk



Joining our buddies in Boss Battle for their EP release on 8/21 at Cheer Up Charlies.  Our soul brother in Night Visuals/Artificial Earth Machine, Ben Crowley will be doing some sweet visuals for the evening.  videoing and Did You See Those Bats will also be playing.


Eden from the Heavy Blog is Heavy wrote a sweet ‘n tasty review of Arteria. The result: a review that is both sweet AND tasty.   Read it here.